Executive Coaching for Leader Development

Tight budgets demand that your talent management investments show near-term results AND build the skills, capabilities, and intangible aspects of leadership that will pay off in the long-term. As a leadership development strategy, nothing yields a higher return on investment than coaching because it focuses on an individual’s aspirations as they relate to the specific professional and personal issues at hand. When the coached leader applies his or her insights directly to real work in real time, the payoff is immediate.

CoachingAnd it has never been more important to support your leaders’ development—because the performance context they operate in now is more complex than it has ever been. Individual leaders and high potentials interact with multiple systems simultaneously, influencing those systems even while they’re being influenced by them. Leaders’ effectiveness depends on their ability to continuously adapt and align the complex systems that they ARE to the complex systems that they’re IN. The Systems Perspectives Executive Coaching approach illuminates the less visible aspects of the systemic environment—both internal and external—enabling optimum performance through greater awareness.

With Systems Perspectives Coaching Your Leaders Increase their Ability to:

  • See themselves as a part of the system, acting in it (and not apart from the system, acting on it)
  • Understand and adapt their own mental models in response to specific leadership challenges
  • Discern the difference between a symptom and a problem, and act accordingly
  • Anticipate unintended consequences of decisions and actions
  • Recognize past patterns and harvest learning from them to create the desired future

Systems Perspectives coaches have decades of experience as organizational consultants, and many have corporate or entrepreneurial experience. Some have been public-sector leaders. All our coaches work from the same underlying commitment to the principles of organizational and adult learning, and meet the membership standards of Peter Senge’s Society for Organizational Learning. Over the past decade, our group has coached more than 400 leaders in fast-paced, high-pressure organizations. Meet our partners and associates.

System Perspectives Coaching Services

  • Individual coaching:  For some organizations, coaching support for one or more key leaders is enough to ensure that a systems perspective is included at the strategy level. (If desired, as a starting point for the coaching, we can use data from your preferred leadership assessment or administer an instrument from our own toolkit, such as the Leadership Agility 360.)
  • Team coaching and leadership team facilitation: When we work at the team level, we are able to integrate a systems perspective across key functions by leveraging synergies that emerge between the coaching we do with the team as a whole and our individual coaching efforts.
  • Large-scale coaching programs: For several clients, we have succeeded in embedding a systems perspective more deeply into the organizational culture by providing coaching for groups of executives, managers, and/or board members throughout the enterprise. In these programs we often link the coaching to introductory or accelerated workshops tailored to the systems thinking proficiency of the leaders being coached.