Workshops for Experienced Coaches and Leaders who Coach

The leaders and managers you coach are doing their best to create exceptional results in conditions of relentless change and complexity. They value your support as they learn to deepen their listening skills, ask better questions, set values-based priorities, promote shared vision—all critical requirements of effective leadership. But you know that nothing will have greater impact on their success than their ability to lead from a systems perspective. And that’s where we can help.

Coaching from a Systems Perspective Workshops
In our Coaching from a Systems Perspective workshop (certified by ICF for 29 CCEU’s) you’ll learn tools and techniques to help you expand your clients’ awareness of systems, not just as an academic abstraction, but as a practical approach to making better decisions and implementing better solutions every day.

Our facilitators have logged thousands of hours of coaching with leaders in every sector and all across the globe. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work in guiding leaders to attune to the dynamic forces—both internal and external—that determine their success.

“I’m thrilled! Immediately after the course I had two intense and challenging client meetings. In both meetings, my role was stronger as a result of my learning in the course; in part because I had a greater awareness of the systems context, and part because I had more confidence in my instincts.” — executive coach

You will leave this 3-day session equipped with powerful coaching tools such as:

  • The Butterfly Model of Complex Human Systems, a framework for recognizing the full range of systemic forces at play within and around organizational leaders
  • Causal Loop Maps that expose root causes and identify effective leverage points
  • Emergent Learning Maps to help leaders learn from their mistakes (and build on their successes)
  • The River of Life visioning exercise that illuminates the systemic dimensions of a leader’s personal story

The foundation for this approach is the coaching model developed by Society for Organizational Learning consultants, and deployed in numerous business, nonprofit, academic, and government settings over the past several years. The workshop design engages head, heart, and hand with brief presentations, paired coaching practice with peer observation, reflection time, and small group learning circles with follow-up case study practice by phone.

As a graduate of this workshop, you will not only be eligible for 29 CCEU’s through the International Coach Federation (ICF), but you will be part of a growing network of coaches trained to bring a systems perspective to their work with clients. Graduates are automatically invited to apply for membership in the Global SoL Coaches Community of Practice, a community of the Society for Organizational Learning.

We also offer this workshop in-house for internal coaches and leaders. Please contact us to discuss your organization’s needs.